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Arrival - Congress Innsbruck

The BMT2022 will take place in the Congress Innsbruck venue. Innsbruck is easy to reach from all directions by car, train, coach or plane. From Salzburg and Vienna, as well as from Germany, Italy and East Tyrol. This is thanks to the motorway systems, train connections and international airport. 

Arrival - UMIT Tirol (Preconference)

The Preconference will take place on Tuesday, 27 September 2022, at the UMIT TIROL in Hall in Tirol (10 km east of Innsbruck). The Bus line 505 travels from Innsbruck main station to Bezirkskrankenhaus Hall (next to UMIT TIROL) approx. every 60 Min., the bus line 504 from Innsbruck main station to Milserstraße (also close to UMIT TIROL) every 15 Min.

After the preconference event (Tue, 27th Sept at approx. 17:00) there will be an organized transport from the UMIT Tirol directly to the Congress Innsbruck for the BMT 2022 Welcome Reception